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About us: Ishida and Ochazuke

ishida is Leonardo Ishida, Brazilian engineer-programmer-cook  | ochazuke is Louise Nagashima, Brazilian designer-illustrator-creative writer

Dekitateyo! – 出来立てよ! meaning “just/freshly made it!”,  is a cozy cooking blog featuring recipes and personal research done by ishida and edited by ochazuke. You will find on this website contents related to culinary and food culture, crafted with care and love so you may comfortably enjoy it… regardless being a good chef or not!

The project started as a simple Tumblr page (August 2015) with weekly recipe posts and daily life snapshots related to food in Japan. We’re feeling a bit more confident now to provide more information, organized contents and other experimental topics. Welcome and feel free to explore our new house!


About Ishida’s cooking philosophy

I’m not used to talk about myself because I’ve never felt like it was actually relevant to the others. However, maybe I should start expressing some of my thoughts if I want to grow as a person…

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I’m not a big fan of the idea that knowledge must be a privilege for few selected people’s hands, as if it must not be passed to anyone else. Knowledge is something to be treasured upon, but also meant to be passed on, so others can study and develop their own ideas based on past experiences. If humanity reached the final stage of physical evolution, certainly our development lies on our knowledge.

Malicious plagiarism is a bad… still, I am not afraid of others copying my ideas. I mean, after all, if someone blindly copies what I do, I still do my job better than that other person. My thinking process has its values, these ideas are not made only of concepts. And what if someone takes my idea to study and evolve it?

…That would make me very happy. Message delivered, something new is born. I can also use these new ideas too, recycling my old ones and reaching new and higher limits.

Self-proclaimed titles of “best cook”, “best professor”, “best master”? I guess when somebody says things like that it means they consciously decided to become stagnant, as no one else can surpass them inside their head. Bad teachers often imposes their arrogance as a form to impress and oppress their pupils, they try to make it sure that no one under their supervision can ever surpass them in any way.

By no means I am a cooking master. If I ever say something like this either I am insane and should not be taken seriously… or we are 50 years in the future when I gathered a lot of knowledge? As human beings, we are eternal apprentices and students, we must evolve, learn and study along our lives.

I’m getting older and soon my ever condition of being only an apprentice will fade away.  I should start thinking about expanding horizons by myself and, certainly, how to pass that knowledge to others.

Back to the blog, I decided this would be a nice way to share my food/cooking experiences around Japan and the world. Even with the UNESCO declaring washoku as a world cultural heritage, I think that I can study and help spreading this knowledge, often limited only to Japan, to all around the world. This ended up becoming our personal diary about food experiments and memories in Japan, which helps me keeping my thoughts in place while I am studying something new.

I hope that I am able to keep this blog for a very long time!


Why a food/cooking blog?

Having a good time sharing food with enjoyable people is a great experience, don’t you think so?

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I’m not a very good cook but I enjoy food and cooking in general! Ishida’s dishes are also full of flavor, it is hard to not talk about those great meals… That’s why when he showed interest in starting a cooking blog, I really wanted to collaborate! We sat down together and started tracing our plans – that’s how dekitateyo! was born.

I am helping Ishida maintaining this page by editing his notes, taking pictures, copy-writing and writing essays about our food experiences. Dekitateyo! is an online food diary of our life here in Japan. These memories are very valuable and we would like to share them with those who enjoy reading our stories. That’s why we find it important to keep our posts organized and easily accessible to everyone. This website is our private small cozy house but we want you here too! Everybody can relax and have a good time here.

Sometimes it is difficult to compose some blog posts… but the challenge is always worth the effort. I’m really enjoying the experience and the adventures! Hope you also enjoy the ride with us. Please feel free to explore the website and talk to us anytime!


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