Kabocha Cream Soup


Kabocha cream soup – scary and fun yumminess at the soup graveyard! Part three of our 2017 Halloween-inspired spooky recipes!

One more recipe at dekitateyo! perfectly dressed for the Halloween day: a kabocha cream soup graveyard! Can you see the little zombies and ghosts partying hard inside the bowl? Join their grooving time!

This recipe is quite easy to make. Don’t lose the chance to make it while we’re still in the Autumn season, because the kabocha (Japanese squash) soup flavor is light and very tasty.

I would say that the tricky part is coming up with Halloween decorative ideas. For that reason, it’s a good idea to do some brainstorming and reference/inspiration data gallery. You may end up not using everything you’ve planned for one single recipe – but these ideas might be useful someday, keep it for future recipes!


Sketch ideas for Halloween



Ingredient list


  1. 50g of butter
  2. 1 garlic, crushed and diced
  3. A quarter of kabocha squash, peeled and cut in small pieces
  4. 200ml of chicken stock
  5. 200ml of milk
  6. 150ml of heavy cream
  7. Touch of nutmeg
  8. Salt, sugar and pepper

recipe step list grid

  1. Using a deep pot, set the heat to high and dissolve the butter.
  2. Add the garlic, the kabocha pieces and cook the surface softens.
  3. Add the chicken stock and the kabocha pieces then set the heat to high.
  4. Cook the kabocha pieces until soft.
  5. Scoop the kabocha pieces with a bit of the stock and blend it using a blender or a hand mixer.
  6. Add the blended kabocha back to the pot, then combine with the milk and the heavy cream.
  7. Adjust the seasoning with salt, sugar and pepper.
  8. Finally, adjust the consistency with more milk and/or chicken stock.
  9. Serve the dish.

Recipe tip list grid

When using kabocha for cream and soups, remove around 3mm deep from its skin. The outer portion of the kabocha is tougher than the rest and does not cook as well as the center.

In order to make a vegan kabocha cream soup, replace the dairy products with regular oil, coconut milk and vegetable stock.

For the decoration, we grilled some regular sausages, wrapped/pierced with thinly cut cheese strips and used seaweed pieces for their eyes. After that, we added those little ghosts (Monster Munch), an additional touch we decided to include after seeing it at the imported goods market. Lastly, the graveyard ground: just sprinkle some bacon bits, parsley and croutons.



kabocha cream soup halloween sausages


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